God's plan for you

God calls each one of us and has given us gifts and skills to serve God and our neighbour. 

Is God calling you? The good news is, yes. The words Jesus spoke to the fishermen by the Sea of Galilee, 'Follow me', are still being spoken into the hearts of those who are willing to hear.

On this page we explore:

What we mean by calling
How we all have a calling
Ways to live out that call
Next steps
Useful websites and links

We also have dedicated pages on
Ordained ministry
Lay Ministry
Everyday calling


What we mean by calling

You might have a burning inner conviction that God has a plan for you, or a nagging feeling that just won’t go away. It can also be called, a vocation.

Often the starting point for exploring a Christian ministry is simply to say to God, like the boy Samuel, Here I am(1 Samuel 3.2)

God’s calling involves recognising your God given gifts and looking for opportunities to use them. Through God’s grace, you might discover what you are being called into.


We all have a calling

It really could be you God is calling. In fact, God calls men and women of all ages, backgrounds, and ethnic groups, each to play their part in building his kingdom.

Some Christians will be called to ordained ministries, for example a vicar running a parish.

Some will serve as licensed lay ministers.

And of course, all Christians are called to be witnesses and disciples in their home, school, workplace and local church.

The body of Christ is made up of many parts and every church needs a rich diversity of gifts and callings to serve God faithfully within its community.”  The Rev Canon Pamela Ive Diocesan, Director of Ordinands and Vocations


Ways to live out that call

There are so many possibilities of how God might be calling you to express your faith and serve others:

  • Pastoral Care
  • Hospital chaplaincy
  • Work in schools
  • Ordination
  • Licensed Lay Ministry
  • Prayer ministry
  • Prison ministry
  • Spiritual accompaniment • Youthwork • Healing ministry
  • Anna chaplaincy (dementia care)
  • Music ministry 
  • Monastic life
  • As a parent or other family member
  • In the workplace

We could go on....each is valuable in the sight of God, and we have lots of ways to help you discover God's plan for you. 

Why not take a look at some of our dedicated pages on the following:

Ordained ministry
Licensed Lay ministry
Everyday calling


  • Pray... With an open mind and an open heart, ask God how you might become all that he intends you to be and how best you can serve him.
  • Reflect… On your unique gifts. What makes you special? What gifts has God given you for growing his kingdom? Are you a good listener, someone with caring skills, keen to share your faith, creative, a natural leader?
  • Talk…to your vicar, your family and friends. Those who know you well may be able to see how God might be calling you. They might have spotted it a long time ago and have been waiting for you to recognise it yourself.
  • Come…to an It’s Your Calling day. These are run by our team of vocations advisers in different venues throughout the year. You’ll have a chance to meet people on a similar quest and have time and space to reflect on what exciting plans God has in store for you.

Here are some of the opportunties we have available to help you explore your calling:

'It's Your Calling' days
What's your calling booklets
Vocations advisers


Gifts and talents need developing so, when you are clear what your future calling or ministry might be, we’ll be delighted to help you find the appropriate training


Other useful websites and links

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