Clergy discipline

The Clergy Discipline measure is a legal procedure within the Church of England to handle complaints of serious misconduct

In line with the guidance from the Clergy Discipline Commission, we will record on this page details of any penalties imposed on or accepted by clergy as a result of a Clergy Discipline Measure process.


November 2022

The Reverend Iain Broomfield
Following a complaint being made by the Archdeacon of Bromley and Bexley, and the Deputy President referring two of the allegations to the Tribunal for determination (both of which Mr Broomfield had admitted ), on 7 November 2022 the Reverend Iain Broomfield accepted a rebuke from the Bishop of Tonbridge and agreed to undertake appropriate training in anger management and the appropriate recognition of professional boundaries after Mr Broomfield had admitted to an incident of uncontrolled anger and a failure to maintain professional boundaries.


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