Domestic Abuse

In 2018 Community Engagement Social Action ( or on twitter @communitycaro ) raised diocesan understanding and awareness about Domestic Abuse through their campaign ‘Setting The Captives Free…freedom from Domestic Abuse.’ Partnerships were made with specialist agencies in the field who delivered Workshops, and in partnership with Rochester Arts in Mission (RochesterAIM) we made and shared films featuring testimonies from a male survivor of female domestic abuse, female survivors of male domestic abuse and a male perpetrator of female domestic abuse. These films can be seen here:

Hope Stories That Need To Be Told: Breaking the Cycle: A Male Survivor’s Story.

(The video is about a male survivor's story of domestic abuse)

Hope Stories That Need To Be Told:  Breaking the Cycle: Community Domestic Abuse Programme (CDAP)

(CDAP works with men, who identify themselves as needing to change their abusive behaviour. Here, one of the course members - Matthew - speaks to CDAP facilitator, Peter Williams about what the course has done for him and his partner)

The work continues and this year the Safeguarding Team are delivering the new national S3 Domestic Abuse Safeguarding training across each Archdeacony. Click here for more info


Launching at Bishopscourt on 25th June. 

From June 2019 –Nov 2020 CESA we will be supporting the White Ribbon Campaign across the diocese;  

 “Over the years White Ribbon UK has worked with a number of faith communities to raise awareness about male violence against women and to seek to end it.  We are really pleased to see the Diocese of Rochester taking a lead in sharing the approach of White Ribbon UK, working with men and boys to change cultures amongst their friends and colleagues, and within their communities. We are hoping that our year of working in partnership will bring forward new resources for churches that can be shared and used more widely”. - Anthea Sully, Chief Executive, White Ribbon UK.

Male violence against women is overwhelmingly prevalent, 20% of all women in the UK have experienced sexual assault and more than half of the women in the UK have experienced sexual harassment in the workplace. A recent study showed that nearly 50% of women have experienced groping, 52% experienced threatening, aggressive or intimidating behaviour, and 49% received unwanted sexual advances. An average of two women a week are murdered by a current or former partner in England and Wales. The reason this gender-based violence exists is because men are conditioned from an early age by our society with a sense of superiority over women. The sexist cultures within our society, an expectation that 'boys will be boys', and the objectification of women's bodies creates a continuum that starts with catcalling, wolf whistling and sexism; and ends with physical violence, rape and murder of women.

White Ribbon UK is part of the global movement to end male violence against women. They work with men and boys to challenge those male cultures that lead to harassment, abuse and violence.  Their volunteer ambassadors engage with other men and boys to call out such behaviour among their peers and promote a culture of equality and respect.

We call on all men to take a stand against sexism and gender-based violence in all forms by being active bystanders, calling out sexism, and abusive behaviour. We ask everyone, especially men, to wear a white ribbon and take the White Ribbon pledge: To never commit, excuse or remain silent about male violence against women. You can do more by becoming an ambassador (men) or champion (women) for the campaign, and undertaking the White Ribbon training.

It is essential that men take responsibility in ending male violence against women, as it is still often labelled as a ‘women’s issue’. Therefore, our male ambassadors undergo focused training on understanding the realities of gender-based violence. It is only with men listening to women and standing with them, that we can end male violence against women together. Only when we ASK how we can help, LISTEN to the response, and then ACT, can we truly say we are working with women to end the violence. To that end, our Champion programme is a voice for women in our campaign, to ensure that men are taking responsibility in an appropriate manner. Like our ambassadors, champions also do a large amount of campaign work and must complete our training.

Male violence against women is unique in that it is often sanctioned by the systems that govern our patriarchal society. Rape culture, for example, is a pervasive issue that goes largely unnoticed by those unaffected by it. The responsibility is rarely put on men to change; and this is often deep rooted in government policy, the media, and education. This is why White Ribbon UK works with those very systems to address these issues. They have an All-Party Parliamentary Group which enables them to have a voice in Parliament, they work with a large number of local authorities, police, churches, music venues, festivals, schools, colleges and universities to ensure policies and procedures are in place, and staff are trained to understand the need for safeguarding and signposting; in order to redress the balance and give rise to a new world where male violence against women no longer exists.

  • At the launch guests will hear testimonies from a male perpetrator and a male survivor and hear a presentation about male violence from one a White Ribbon Ambassador Peter Williams who also represents one of our Partner agencies CDAP (Community Domestic Abuse Programme.)
  • We aim to raise awareness; to enable and resource men to speak out to other men and take the White Ribbon pledge to never commit, excuse or remain silent about male violence against women; to forge more Partnerships in the field to support and resource including Prayer and Worship resources; to recruit and train 4 or more Ambassadors/Champions  specifically for our diocese. 


For further information about Domestic Abuse please contact:

 Caroline Clarke

Twitter:  @communitycaro


T: 01634 560000


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