September Ordinations on their way

First published on: 18th September 2023

An ordinand stands in front of the bishop while he places his hands on her head.

We are very excited about our forthcoming ordination services which take place on the 30 September. 

Some Christians feel that God is calling them to be ordained and to serve the Church as clergy. 

The ordination service is the start of someone's public ministry. It often follows a long journey of exploring their calling, of having their calling tested by the Church, and several years of training.

During the service, the bishop lays their hands on the person and asks God to ‘send down the Holy Spirit' onto each candidate, beginning their ministry. 

The Bishop also prays that God will give them the gifts, the grace, and the strength, they need for serving the Church as ordained ministers.

We have two ordination services, both of which will be livestreamed; one for those being deaconed and one for those being priested.

Being ordained a deacon

Being made a deacon is the foundation of all ordained ministry. For most clergy, after a year, they will be ordained as priest.

For the nine people who are to be ordained deacon in our Diocese this year, the service marks a special moment when they will be given the title ‘the Reverend’, can wear a dog collar, and lead services as an assistant curate in their parish.

Following their ordination, our deacons will spend the first three or four years of their ministry working as curates in a church with an experienced priest.

These priests will work with the curates to prepare them for their future ministry in the church - a bit like an apprenticeship.

Those being ordained deacons this year are:

  • James Butler
  • Rob Byrne
  • Anna Drew
  • Hannah Glover     
  • Jess Heeb
  • Mark Morgan
  • Ray Shergill
  • Andrew Smith
  • Bertie Woodward

Our deacons will continue to listen to God, and how they may be being called to other ministries, perhaps in hospitals, schools, or prisons as chaplains, and growing in their faith.

We’ll be sharing some short profile stories, as well as a welcome card for each ordinand on social media. Follow us online

God has a plan for each and every one of us. Explore how God may be calling you.  Visit our Everyday Faith pages

Download a service sheet for service of ordination of deacons

Being ordained a priest

After a year of curacy, some of those who have been ordained may continue in ministry as distinctive deacons.

For most, the next step is ordination as a priest. Those being ordained priest this year are: 

  • Rev Alexander Coakley-Youngs
  • Rev Rachel Curley
  • Rev Martin Hayward 
  • Rev Caroline Mills
  • Rev Kelly-Ann   Parsons
  • Rev Oliver Phipps
  • Rev Ruth Teruel-Pyrke
  • Rev Simon Whiteside

As well as having hands laid on them by the Bishops, other priests are invited to join the Bishop at that point of the service.

All of our ordinands bring a variety of talents and perspectives, adding to the diversity of our Diocese. Please pray for them, their families and friends, and the communities they will serve.

Download a service sheet for the service of ordination of priests

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