'Creating healthy cultures' materials launched

First published on: 17th November 2022

Right now, within the Diocese, there are people working to help keep everyone safe.

They are doing things like: being careful about who undertakes a role in a church or at a church activity, learning how to work in the safest way possible, or stepping up to be Parish Safeguarding Officer.

For these things to work, however, there needs to be a good culture - a safe and healthy culture, and that’s where each and every person can make a difference.

Safeguarding Sunday on 20 November, is an opportunity to start talking about the culture within churches and other settings, and to think about the part everyone plays in creating that culture, and keeping
it going. 

As part of our marking of Safeguarding Sunday, we have launched some new pages on the Diocesan website to help churches and all church role-holders, have conversations about culture.

There are sections on :

  • Talking about what a healthy culture is and might look like in your setting
  • Hearing and valuing the voice of victims and survivors of church-context abuse
  • Raising awareness of important contemporary safeguarding issues
  • Thanking and praying for those who coordinating safeguarding in your church

The pages can be explored now, or at anytime, and will continue to add to be added to.

We all have a part to play in creating healthier, safer cultures, so do take a look.

Explore the pages

Look out for information that will be shared on the Diocesan social media channels from November 20 onwards, to help raise awareness of a number of contemporary safeguarding issues.

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