Bishop's Adviser for Women in Ordained Ministry

First published on: 4th December 2023

Bishop Jonathan has shared a message of thanks for the Rev Canon Mandy Carr, Vicar of St George's Weald, Sevenoaks, as she steps down from the role of Bishop's Adviser for Women in Ordained Ministry. 

'The Rev Mandy Carr has held the position of Bishop’s Adviser for the Ministry of Ordained Women since 2018 and is stepping down at the end of November.

'Mandy has represented Rochester nationally within the networks of deans and advisers for women’s ministry, she has worked within the diocese to draw attention the barriers that ordained women continue to experience, and has advised myself and Bishop’s Leadership Team on matters relating to women’s ministry.

'I am very grateful to Mandy for all her work in this role, especially the way that she has engaged both publicly and privately on behalf of the ordained women in the diocese, advocating on occasion, as well as ensuring that women are fairly treated and represented. 

'Next year marks 30 years of women in priestly ministry across the Church of England. Since then the role of a Bishop’s Adviser for women’s ministry has changed significantly, although not entirely.

'Whilst women are now welcomed as deacons, priests and bishops, there remains structural provision that can be difficult to navigate and so this role remains important. In addition it remains a sad reality that ordained women still face prejudice and discrimination impacting their ministry. This continues to be a matter for justice, and as such this role is as important today as it ever was.

'I have invited Archdeacon Sharon to look afresh at the role in the light of this, and to consider if and how the role might be reshaped to ensure it both enables the ordained women of the diocese to flourish, alongside bringing to my attention those things that need to change in order for that to happen.

'My expectation is that we will seek to fill such a revised role in the Spring of next year.

'In the meantime, I hope you will join with me in thanking Mandy for all her work and dedication on behalf of and for the ordained women of the diocese over the last five years.'

Bishop Jonathan Gibbs
Bishop of Rochester 

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