Basic Awareness and Foundations Materials for in-person delivery

Basic Awareness and Foundations Materials for in-person delivery

First published on: 19th April 2021

Materials to facilitate the in-person delivery of these modules will be available in May 2021.

Once they are available churches will be informed by the Diocesan Safeguarding team. Greg Barry, Diocesan Lead Safeguarding Adviser explains more:

"As previously agreed the training must be delivered by two people, one of whom must have undertaken leadership training or have suitable experience outside of the church to deliver safeguarding training.

"On receipt of a course register certifying completion we will arrange for certificates to be issued. Face to face training can only commence in accordance with government and Church of England Covid 19 guidance permits.
"An alternative is to deliver the course via Zoom using the on-line version.

"This has been successfully piloted by Albert and Elizabeth Wood from St Nicks Sevenoaks and I am grateful to them for allowing me to share their experience":

"The practicalities over Zoom worked out very well, with no glitches. 

For ‘Foundations’, as hosts, we logged in to the Diocesan web-site (using personal accounts or an organisation account) and ran the course on our computer. 

"For sharing, we used one of the Zoom advanced screen sharing options – sharing a ‘portion of screen’ (with sound).  The portion shared was the course ‘video’. 

This enabled us to have control of our own screen with the video in one part of the screen, while giving the other participants a large view of the video.  Our broadband speed is reliably 30+Mb/s.  Among discussion techniques we made some use of thumbs up/down and numbers of fingers held up as final voting systems. 

"When it comes to the idea of working as a group you might like to know that one of our participants didn’t actually need to do the course at all, but asked to join in because they had a good experience of working through safeguarding in this way 3 years ago. 

"Having now been through the courses several times ourselves we noted that the revised courses were good, especially in that there was much less repetition between courses."