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The Diocesan Counselling Service is a free confidential service available to help support your well-being and mental health

A diverse network of qualified and experienced practitioners, working within or near Rochester Diocese, have been recruited to provide well-being and counselling support - it's called the Diocese of Rochester Counselling and Wellbeing Network.

On this page we cover

Who can access support
What support is available
How to access support
Who provides support in Well-Being Network
Other useful links and guidance


Who can access support

The network offers free short-term therapy to:

  • clergy

  • clergy spouses and household family members

  • diocesan and cathedral office employees

  • headteachers

  • youth and children’s workers


What support is available

Six initial sessions are available to individuals, with the possibility to increase to a maximum of twelve following discussion and review. Arrangements for families and groups can be made in negotiation with the network coordinator.


How to access support

You can either self-refer, or you may approach the service with the knowledge (and indeed encouragement) of an archdeacon or bishop.

Following a referral or self-referral, people can contact the Well-Being network leader who will undertake a telephone screening interview to ascertain their availability, locality and primary reason for wanting their service.

In cases of self-referral, a maximum of six sessions will be paid for; thereafter, agreement will be needed between the service and the Diocese, but still maintaining the person’s anonymity where necessary. 

  • The initial point of contact is Dr Deborah Watkins, Diocese of Rochester Counselling and Well-being Network Lead / phone / 07827 157328


Who provides the support

The Network works with a number of independent counsellors, therapists or mental health professionals who are monitored and supported by the network.

We ensure that the practitioner holds appropriate qualifications, has professional liability insurance and is a member of an accredited professional body. Privacy and confidentiality will be maintained within professional, ethical guidance.



Be assured that all those working within the Diocese of Rochester Counselling and Well-being Network are passionate about providing a safe, effective, supportive service in line with diocesan values and commitments.

This means that disclosure of information is only made to ensure or enhance the quality of work, to protect an individual or others, for safeguarding reasons and when a practitioner is legally required or authorised to do so.


Other useful links and guidance

Supporting clergy health and well-being (Church of England)
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Key Contacts

Dr Deborah Watkins

Counselling and Well-being Network Lead
07827 157328

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