Bishop Simon considers the decade ahead

Bishop Simon considers the decade ahead

First published on: 9th January 2020

'We need a decade that warms our rapidly cooling relationships.' 

As we begin a new year, Bishop Simon Burton-Jones has been considering what might need to define the decade ahead.

In an online blog he writes:

'Decades are neatly packaged by advertisers and opinion formers. The swinging sixties. The stagnant seventies. The selfish eighties. The caring nineties. They contain a grain of truth, but hardly do justice to reality.

He continues:

'The 2020s will deepen the trends begun in the earlier part of the century. Tech will get bigger and more pervasive. Surveillance by company and state will be normalised.'

With a concern about the increasing polarisation in society, he suggests that we need a more trustworthy decade:

'A new social covenant is needed. And those who trust in Christ will know reform always starts at home.'

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