Annual Report and Accounts

Annual Report and Accounts


"As the year has progressed, and we have moved into 2021, it has taken real courage and determination from parishes and staff to continue." (Matthew Girt, Diocesan Secretary)

Our Annual Report and Accounts for 2020 

It is hard to believe that at the beginning of 2020, we had little inkling of the upheaval, uncertainty, and sorrow that we were about to experience. And while much remains uncertain, what is clear, is that as a community of faith here in the Diocese of Rochester, we have been and are seeing, this time through, together.

That's the story at the heart of the Diocese's 2020 Annual Report and Accounts, which are now available to read, download and share.

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Responding creatively to Covid

Covid-19 restrictions brought the closure of church buildings for a time. As a result, churches learned fast how digital communications and social media could enhance their mission and ministry, as well as how to maintain their connections.  Read more 

Showing the love of Christ

Churches and individuals stepped up during lockdown,  proving that, while church buildings may have closed, the Church most definitely did not. Diocesan Teams have been there to support, encourage and advise churches on how to do this in the most Covid-safe ways possible. Read more

Supporting journeys of faith

This time of lockdown and restriction, has seen a flourishing in people’s desire to deepen their walk with Christ. Initiatives supported centrally have given people opportunities to explore their spiritual lives, as well as help them recognise the plan God may have for them. Read more

Giving parishes the support they need

Diocesan teams adapted fast to the new challenges the pandemic presented, both operational and financial. Ensuring the stability of the Diocese, maintaining the day-to-day support churches needed, and caring for people’s safety and well-being were top priorities. Read more