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Church of England National Safeguarding Training Requirements

In 2017 the House of Bishops published their first Practice Guidance for Safeguarding Training.  In July 2019 this guidance was updated and is being implemented from 1st January 2020.  Click here for guidance

The training is divided into Modules.

Training Modules

The new guidance has removed some of the modules and has established that the training as from 2020 is progressive therefore if an individual has to attend the Leadership module (previously known as C2) they must also undertake Basic Awareness (C0) and Foundation (C1) modules.  This also applies to those few individuals that have to attend Safeguarding Training for Senior Leaders (C4).  The guidance has re-emphasised that the Basic Awareness module is mandatory for anyone attending any higher level modules.

Safeguarding training will be refreshed every three years by completing the highest previous level of training e.g. member of clergy having completed the Clergy and Lay Minister training (C3) between 2016 and 2019 will attend the Leadership Module as a refresher module.

Basic awareness is mandatory for anyone who is required to attend Foundation, Leadership, Safeguarding Training for Senior Managers.

It is also recommended for those who need a basic awareness of safeguarding. It is an online course but can also be delivered in groups.

Foundation is also an online course and again can be delivered in groups.

Leadership for the foreseeable future will be delivered by the Diocesan Safeguarding Team via Zoom.

For those whose C2 (Leadership) or C3 (Clergy and Lay Ministers) training has expired and are unable to get booked onto a Leadership Zoom course, please see below:

The Basic Awareness (C0) was updated in October 2020 and the Foundation Module (C1) was updated in February 2021. Therefore, if anyone undertook the original courses, we are encouraging those who may have a long wait to attend the new Leadership course via Zoom, to undertake these online courses as a refresher in the meantime.  Link to on-line courses:

The list of individuals who are required to attend/undertake the modules has been increased and a summary from the practice guidance is set out below.

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Specialist Training Modules

The number of specialist modules has been reduced and those who are required to attend has also been decreased.

The Safer Recruitment module (previously known as S1) is specifically for Lead Recruiters, Parish Safeguarding Officers and anyone responsible for safer recruitment of paid workers and volunteers. This course is currently being developed and will be published in 2021.

The Raising Awareness of Domestic Violence and Abuse module is also being refreshed and will be published in 2021.

The remaining specialist modules, including a module on the Ministry of Reconciliation (the Seal of the Confessional) which will be for clergy are being developed.

Please click on the links above to find out how to access the on-line courses and the dates for the face to face courses.

Modern Slavery Awareness 

In conjunction with The Clewer Initiative - the Church of England's Modern Slavery awareness raising initiaitve  - the Church of England has created two online courses around the issue of Modern Slavery. You will need to have registered for an account with the national safeguarding portal and then the courses can be found under 'Additional Resources'

Find the portal here


Course Content/Learning Needs

Please contact Greg Barry in the Safeguarding Team if you have any questions/concerns about the contents or method of delivery of any of the courses.

If there are any ways that we can assist you with your learning, either prior to or during the session, please make contact in the first place with Alison Jones in the Safeguarding Team.  We will do our best to facilitate your requirements.  Please do this as soon as you have booked onto the course.

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