Stories that need to be told

Telling stories is a central part of the teaching of Jesus and it's still a great way of sharing the Gospel today. As part of HOPE 2018, Rochester Arts in Mission is creating a series of films to celebrate 'HOPE…Stories That Need To Be Told'.  

In our digital world telling a story on-line has enabled information to reach a large audience quicker than anyone would have dreamed of years ago. When a story goes 'viral' it has the capacity to carry real influence and change perceptions.  It is not surprising that churches have recognised the importance of this type of communication in sharing the message of Jesus Christ.  

Making films, uploading them and sharing them on-line provides a more egalitarian approach to publicity too. It readjusts the balance from the 'bad news' slant often presented, to the 'good news' that needs to be celebrated. Churches no longer have to wait for their story to be picked up by the media. Instead, they can proclaim how they are making Christ known in the community themselves. They can also show their partnership with community agencies and how they are caring for those in their community in need. It's not to aggrandise the Church itself, but to point to the reason behind the action: wanting to share the love of Jesus with others. 

Below are the few short films in the series of 'Stories That Need To Be Told'. 

Stories That Need To Be Told: Weald Community Shop from Mandy Carr on Vimeo.

When the last remaining shop in Sevenoaks Weald closed down, the community came together to create their own shop and cafe. This is their story.

Stories That Need To Be Told: Living Well. short from Mandy Carr on Vimeo.

Living Well Bromley at Holy Trinity Beckenham Church in Penge shows how whole person care is shown in practical and Christ-centred ways.

Stories that need to be told. Christ Church Chislehurst Dementia Cafe from Mandy Carr on Vimeo.

Christ Church Chislehurst wanted to do something for those with dementia and their carers and so they started a monthly Dementia Café. The musician featured is Rev Tim Boniface, an Anglican curate and jazz musician.

Stories That Need To Be Told: Stop Loan Sharks from Mandy Carr on Vimeo.

The fourth film is part of the campaign to stop illegal money lending.  The film not only gives information about how loan sharks operate, it provides alternatives to using them, and gives a Christian viewpoint.

Stories That Need To Be Told: Strood Christmas Hamper Project from Mandy Carr on Vimeo.

A video about churches coming together to give less fortunate a better Christmas.

Stories That Need To Be Told. Weald Community Shop - a permanent home from Mandy Carr on Vimeo.

This video is about Weald Community Shop  and its permanent home

Domestic Abuse: 

Hope Stories That Need To Be Told: Breaking the Cycle: A Male Survivor’s Story.

The video is about a male survivor's story of domestic abuse

Hope Stories That Need To Be Told:  Breaking the Cycle: Community Domestic Abuse Programme (CDAP)

CDAP is a course for men who identify themselves as needing to change their abusive behaviour. Here, one of the course members - Matthew - speaks to CDAP facilitator, Peter Williams about what the course has done for him and his partner.

Other films will follow once HOPE 2018 gets underway. 

If you have a community project that you feel could be included in the 'Stories That Need To Be Told' series then please contact the AIM Co-ordinator to discuss:

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