Common Fund

The Diocese of Rochester is a wonderfully diverse and vibrant community of faith, with each parish facing different challenges and having different needs.

Our shared Called Together vision expresses our ambition to meet these challenges as a family of faith, supporting each other as we seek to grow disciples, enrich communities and resource our mission and ministry. 

Supporting each other means pooling our resources and sharing costs too.

We do this through the Common Fund; the common pot of money paid into by congregations across the Diocese. 

Read and download a message from Bishop James about the renaming of the Common Fund

Why do we do this?

It's biblical for a start. We read in the New Testament how the early Christians showed a common concern for each other, sharing out their possessions. We understand too that as churches, we are part of one body in Christ, but dependent upon each other (1 Corinthians).

Supporting each other in this way means that every parish, no matter what their setting or financial situation, can receive the ministers and Diocesan administrative support they need in order to further the shared mission of the Church across the communities of the Diocese.

As much as possible, we try to fund the administrative support given by the teams in the Diocesan Office through other means, so that as much of the money received from parishes goes to fund ministry and the work of the Church.

How does it work?

Following a significant period of consultation, we now use an Indicative Offers system to help churches consider the contribution they will make to the Common Fund.

The Indicative Offer is based on a formula which is informed by the cost of ministry and the overall funding requirement of the whole Diocese.

The aim is to apportion the contributions by parishes into the Common Fund on as fair a basis as possible.

By using this system, we want to help parishes aspire to pay for the ministry and support they receive and understand what they are called to give towards.

Learn more

We want everyone to be able to understand how the Common Fund works and to have an appreciation of the costs involved in funding the mission and ministry of our Diocesan family.

Understanding is really important, as it is enables people to make informed and joyful decisions about their giving.

To help with this, the following materials are available:

Common Fund

  • A Common Fund leaflet  - this simple guide is ideal to share at a PCC meeting, with a home group, or perhaps as part of a whole church discussion about financial contributions to the local church and the wider diocesan family
  • Common Fund presentation - a ready-to-go presentation to help share understanding of the Common Fund with others.

The bigger picture of our Diocesan family

  • Poster - A financial overview - this poster explains where the money to fund the mission and ministry of the wider diocese comes from and how it is spent. Download and print it here 
  • Poster - Our year in numbers - this infographic poster shares some of the work and activities supported across the Diocese thanks to the generous giving of parishes. Why not pray about the initiatives you see? Download and print it here
  • Our Annual Report offers a bigger picture of what is taking place across the Diocese and how the finances support that.  A printed copy has been made available to every church in the Diocese through Area Deans or Deanery Synod reps.

    It can also be downloaded in online friendly or print friendly versions.

Indicative offers

In 2020 parishes will receive details of their individual Indicative Offer in October.

Prayer and Stewardship resources

The Finance team's Stewardship page has lots of useful resources to help your community reflect on giving and how we steward our resources. Find them here

The Parish Resources website also has many excellent resources to help congregations reflect on their giving and generosity. 

For further help and advice please contact:

Finance Director, Rev Richard Williams on: 

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