Cathedral Mobiles

The Wonder of Christmas 

By Virginia Corbyn

We often hear the question ‘Do people today understand what Christmas is really about?’  If you visit Rochester Cathedral before 2 February 2016, you will find out that the children in our church schools all around the Diocese know exactly what Christmas is all about.  With a simple plastic hoop, schools from every part of the Diocese have created a set of twelve Nativity mobiles to hang in the Cathedral to remind us all what is most important about Christmas.  

Explaining their  ‘Host of heavenly Angels’, St John’s school in Tunbridge Wells said,  “At our school, we sing about Jesus’ birth, we act out the story of the Nativity, we dance as we remember the joy the shepherds and the kings must have felt when they were visited by the Angel Gabriel.”  For St John’s Infant School in Chatham, they explain by saying, “We realised that every single person on our earth will see the very same stars that the three kings saw no matter where they live or what their beliefs are.”  At St Nicholas Infant School in Strood, making a giant mobile meant that, “We thought about the people that were important in the story and decided that the humble shepherds reflected our beliefs about how we should serve God.”  For St Barnabas in Tunbridge Wells, their mobile helped them to think more about their Christian values and so, ”Each image on our mobile reminds us that, as a school, we continue the tradition of making the glory of the Word made flesh known in our parish and community.”  

If you get the opportunity to see the Nativity display in the Cathedral and read about how the children have thought about Christmas, remember how much children can continue to teach us.  If we think on this, it should come as no surprise to us that Jesus came to as a tiny child to teach us everything that we need to know.   Wateringbury school pupils say this better than I can, “Making our mobile (A Starry Night) made us think about Jesus being the light of the world and helping  to show us the right path in our own lives.”

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