Diocesan Overseas Links Committee Guidelines

These guidelines have been drawn-up to help you make the most of your trip from a media perspective.

Before you begin your trip, identify the person who will be responsible for the communications around the visit. You may have a photographer and a writer, or you may be lucky enough to have one person who can do both.  Make sure they know they are responsible for the PR around the trip.

Before you set out on your trip, please speak to the communications department about what you hope to do. We have to balance copy needs for the diocesan website, Link and Halo.  Typically, we work on the content for Link a month in advance and therefore we can not guarantee insertion on any given month.  It’s usually helpful to talk about your piece before you go – we will have a good idea of the word count, for example, or the number of images we need. We will certainly know the deadlines we are working to.


A picture speaks a thousand words. You will find tips on photography here.

However, the most important things for you to know are:

1.  Set your camera to its highest setting. We need 300dpi in order to print an image.

2.  If you take pictures of children and young people, you must have permission from their parent or carer to publish the image. If we do not have this, we can not publish the picture.

3.   The image needs to be emailed to us as a JPEG attachment to an email. We can not use images embedded in word documents or sent hard-copy in the post.

Telling your story

When you set out to write your story, you need at least two things. Firstly, some well composed images that help you to tell your story and the copy to go with them. Images need captions – who is in the image and where are they? The story needs details, not, “we had a great time” but who had a great time followed by exactly what made the event great. So, lots of details. Not, “lots of people attended a service” but “At least 600 people from the age of 6 to 60 attended the  candle lit Christmas day service.”


It is essential that your copy is as newsworthy as possible. Write it whilst you are away and email it to us or write it n the plane and email it as soon as you land. ( linknews@rochester.anglican.org)  Other contributors in the diocese expect to see their stories in the newspaper as soon as they send them in. We receive complaints if stories are omitted for older stories. At the same time, it is not appropriate to include images in the snow for an edition that will be printed in the summer. We would be grateful if you could bear this in mind when you decide to write something for Link, Halo or the website.

Where will it be published?

We work to very tight outside commercial print deadlines. There are a handful of hours between copy deadline and the newspaper being completed. Where you are published also depends on the volume of other copy received and the quality of the images. Don’t worry about where it will go – we have a number of ways to tell your good news stories!

You will find tips on writing a news release here.

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