Diocesan Synod 2018-2021

Want to make a difference?  Stand for Diocesan Synod in 2018!

Diocesan Synod is the governing body that helps shape the mission and ministry of the Diocese of Rochester.

Our Diocese is a diverse place – both urban and rural; our churches are diverse – both young and old; and our demographic is also diverse – with a mix of many different cultural and ethnic backgrounds represented in our congregations.

We would like to make sure Diocesan Synod better represents this diversity than it does now – can you be part of that change? This year is an election year, so every parishioner in the Diocese is invited to consider standing.  

What does Diocesan Synod do?

It’s has lots of important jobs.

Alongside the Bishop, Diocesan Synod’s membership is drawn from parishioners (laity) and clergy. It’s a body that can really make a difference as its where we:

  • Consider matters concerning the Church of England and how to make provision for them in the Diocese of Rochester;
  • Express opinions on issues of religious or public interest;
  • Advise the Bishop on any matters on which he may consult;
  • Consider the proposals for the Diocese’s annual budget and approve or disapprove them as well as consider the Annual Accounts of the Diocesan Board of Finance.

You think should I stand for election?

Yes, we do!  If you care about a variety of issues and think you could play a role representing the views of your deanery and the churches in your area, you should definitely consider standing for election.

Here’s why Philip French, Chair of the House of Laity thinks you should stand:

“Diocesan Synod can easily seem like the same people, talking about the same things. We really need to have younger, enthusiastic members involved for the Church of the 21st century, not the 20th century. It’s the place where we discuss our mission and strategy - Called Together -  be part of that. Don’t have it done to you!”

The Rev Alyson Davie, Chair of the House of Clergy would encourage clergy of all ages, churchmanship and background to consider standing too:

"Synod matters because it is part of our responsibility as Christians within the Diocese to reflect the full extent of its theological perspectives, its personal experiences and for people to bring what God is saying to them into the governing body of the Diocese. That's why I would encourage every age and every perspective to come along."

Who can stand?

Anyone who thinks they have a contribution to make and would like to do so should complete a nomination form. There are just a few requirements.                

              If you are clergy:                                                                                            If you are laity:

When elected to Diocesan Synod you automatically become an ex-officio member of your Deanery Synod and your PCC. Your membership on these bodies requires you to sign a DBS and the 'fit and proper person' declaration form.           

Convinced? Here’s what you need to do next.

  • Complete the relevant nomination form. Nomination papers will be issued to the deanery synod members on Tuesday 8 May 2018.If you're not on deanery synod, please request a form here or contact Suzanne Rogers at the Diocesan Office on 01634 560000.
  • Please ensure that you tell us which church you belong to and the deanery in which you are standing for election.This will be the deanery in which the church you belong to is situated.
  • You then need to get two members of your Deanery Synod to propose and second your nomination.If you are standing as a member of the clergy, they must be clerical members of the deanery synod.If you are standing as a lay person, they must be lay members of the deanery synod.
  • Click here to find out what happens if you are elected.

If you would like to know more about who can propose and second you as a candidate, or have any other questions, contact the Pastoral & Synodical Administrator on suzanne.rogers@rochester.anglican.org or 01634 560000.


If you would like to encourage people within your parish to stand, please find some materials below to help you:

Make your voice heard (A4 poster colour)

Make your voice heard (A4 poster b&w)

Short pew sheet notice

Article for parish newsletter

Picture for article

Diocesan Synod video - Clergy

Diocesan Synod video - Laity

Election Timetable

Completed nomination papers must be returned to the Diocesan Office by no later than 12 noon on Wednesday 6 June 2018.  Late nominations cannot be accepted, so make sure you get your in on time.

The counts will then take place on Tuesday 10 July 2018, and the newly elected Diocesan Synod will take up office on 1 August 2018.

We really hope you take this opportunity to serve God and your local church community in this way!

If I'm elected what happens next? Click here

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